Tracking Solutions

Multitrack provides shipment status tracking online and in real time. Accessible via the Kerry Logistics (UK) Portal, the system provides complete visibility on the end-to-end shipment process.

Tracking Solutions

Kerry Logistics (UK) is committed to keeping their customers informed of the progress of their shipments 24/7. Each customer is provided with a login to the highly flexible and powerful tracking systems, and there is no set up requirement.

Users can search their shipment records by  Bill of Lading number, Container number. or by a Customer Reference number. The application will list all records by date, supplier, POL, POD etc, and Delivery Date, and Time and Address details will be displayed for each job. If multiple containers are being used for a job, individual details will be displayed for each container.

The ETA function provides a quick update on progress and schedules. All the data can also be saved as excel or flat files for external record management.

There is a very useful Documents Association feature that enables the upload of the Freight / Ancillary invoice, copies of the Customs C88 / E2 and supporting clearance documents, ( Supplier invoice/Packing List/BL) at the time of entry, so it acts as a repository for shipment documents

KerriervisionKERRIERVISION Supply Chain Visibility provides Purchase Order Management and Global Inventory Management down to SKU level.

Key milestones, exceptions, document viewing and global inventory are available in real-time online.

Event and Milestones monitoring  provides an easy to configure alerts function, offering the ability to set up alerts via My Alerts on the website or via email