Fashion Industry Logistics

With multiple seasons and a wide range of fabrics and apparel sourced globally managing the logistics processes for the fashion industry requires sophisticated solutions.

Fashion Industry Logistics

Increasing demand from retail outlets for ready-to wear garments, has led to Kerry Logistics offering a wide range of post production services ranging from Garment-On-Hanger, price and security tagging as well as inventory management.

Fashion Price TaggingAsia Pacific is a major producer of apparels, leather goods and shoes, accessories and other fashion items and Kerry Logistics’ extensive network throughout the region means that fashion items can be prepared for final delivery closer to the source of production saving time and money.

When it comes to delivering time sensitive, ready-for-store garment markets in the world, Kerry Logistics’ global logistics network provides a comprehensive service offering just for the fashion industry. Inbound services for China and Asia markets include ready for store garment preparation, in-store replenishment, repackaging and re-labelling for local languages.

Outbound services from China and Asia include quality control inspections, labelling, price and security tagging and re-packaging. Kerry Logistics also offers garment-on-hanger services and climate controlled storage and transit to ensure items arrive in optimum condition.

Reverse Logistics services are also offered for fashion items as frequent seasonal changes in fashion result in new clothing lines being introduced. We can then manage the return of off-seasonal stock according to the customers instruction or forward to other markets for disposal under surveyors monitoring.

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