Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Logistics

In the time critical world of pharmaceutical and healthcare, managing the flow of vital life sustaining equipment and drugs to front line medical facilities can be a matter of life and death.

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Logistics

Kerry Logistics has built a reputation and a team of dedicated professional supply chain specialists in Asia to ensure that medical equipment, spare parts and pharmaceuticals are available 24 hours a day to our customers in the healthcare industry.

Climate controlled facilities are strategically located at Kerry Logistics’ dedicated logistics and distribution centres throughout the Asia region, so that healthcare and pharmaceutical products are in the optimum condition when delivered to hospitals, clinics and medical retail outlets.

Many pharmaceutical products require careful monitoring and have a short shelf life, using our sophisticated inventory management system, product recall procedure and risk management at each facility ensures that useable life of product are monitored and old stock is returned or destroyed.

Pharmaceuticals inbound for Asia’s markets are handled at our logistics centres around the region. Sensitive to temperature change and humidity, pharmaceutical products are carefully stored in customised climate controlled areas to ensure potency is preserved. In-transit climate control also ensure last mile integrity of the product.

Products can be relabelled and repackaged for local Asian markets while inventory management ensures that products are not sold past their sell by date.

Life saving equipment from European and US manufacturers are also made ready for rapid despatch to relevant healthcare facilities around the region.

As more pharmaceutical products are manufactured under license with Good Manufacturer Product Standers in Asia, we provide services that ensure that products are packaged correctly for international destinations and also provide re-labelling for local language requirements.

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