Retail Logistics

From chilled to chocolate and fragile to frozen, Kerry Logistics has developed the most effective retail logistics networks in Asia. Sophisticated IT networks linking retail outlets to our distribution centres ensure timely replenishment and minimal inventory for our customers.

Retail Logistics

Our retail clients range from high fashion to convenience stores where multiple products are managed by our dedicated team of logistics professionals. Understanding the critical timelines, delivering just-in-time solutions and using the latest technology and modern transportation provides our customers with competitive advantage in a challenging environment.

Understanding local issues and retail product in major cities in Asia provides Kerry Logistics with a unique advantage in ensuring delivery integrity and avoiding any ‘bumps in the road’ that may affect the flow of goods to the end user. Kerry Logistics’ dedicated distribution centres strategically located throughout China ensure that our customers can meet growing demand for consumer goods at retail outlets. Backed by leading logistics professionals on the ground means that we can tailor solutions in real time, overcoming day-to-day issues, providing contingency plans and delivering on time.

Gift PackingGrowth in demand from Asian customers for imported products and foodstuffs has resulted in our expansion in retail logistics capability, with specialist storage and inventory management for a range of fresh produce, garments, fashion items and household products.

Product specific handling and our professionals ensure that goods are handled correctly, increasing shelf life for perishables and optimising in-store inventory management.

Our extensive network of logistics centres around Asia and across China means that daily replenishment and timely deliveries can optimize the inventory level, enhance the customer service level and response time to customers. Outbound goods for overseas retail outlets can be custom packed store ready, reducing additional distribution costs at the distortions.

Our value added services:

  • End-to-end inventory management
  • Timely deliveries
  • Product specific handling
  • Quality control management
  • In-store replenishment
  • In-store stock counting
  • In-store labelling and stamping
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