Wine Logistics

From chilled to chocolate and fragile to frozen, Kerry Logistics has developed the most effective retail logistics networks in Asia. Sophisticated IT networks linking retail outlets to our distribution centres ensure timely replenishment and minimal inventory for our customers.

Wine Logistics

Retail Logistics

Our services & facilities include:

  • International freight forwarding services
  • Import and export handling

Optimal cellarage conditions with:

  • International standard warehouse equipped with temperature and humidity controlled facilities
  • Customised temperature-controlled conditions for optimum storage of different wines
  • Stable and optimal storage conditions
  • High-level security and ensuring integrity for wine shipment
  • Purpose-built shelving systems for wine cellarage
  • Usage of slip sheet attachment on forklifts to load and unload


Domestic Distribution:

  • Properly packed and transported in temperature controlled vehicles to ensure wine is kept at a constant temperature
  • Capacity and capability to deliver packaged wine products to any market in the world with total chain of supply certainty

Express delivery services

A comprehensive B2B and B2C web-based platform and online delivery booking

We also offer a wide range of value-added services:

Packaging and repacking service for retail offers:

  • Customized gift packaging for seasonal sales
  • Wine samplers
  • Tasting kits
  • Wine tasting

End-to-end inventory management

Kerry Logistics UK

Kerry Logistics UK

UK Head Office

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Ashburton Road West, Trafford Park
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